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Our team

Our company employs 4 women’s’ tailor masters and 5 men’s’ tailor masters, who with their years of experience and technical knowledge are experts at making tailor made opera, theater dance and movie costumes. Next to our tailors we also have 37 seamstresses who also have years of experience creating theatrical, movie, opera and dance costumes.

Recently we have opened a new facility in the town of Törökszentmmiklós, where we would like to make quantity production pieces for chorus groups, back up dancers and singers in the high quality that is standard for our company.

Technikai felszereltség

Our privately owned facility in Szolnok is up to all the standards required by the EU laws and requirements.

Next to our 880sqare meter sewing shop we have created a separate storage facility for our fabrics and accessories as well as for storing the complete finished costumes. Our office staff and management also has a separete office space for working.

Our new series production facility in Törökszentmiklós is 100 square meters and it gives home to 2 tailor masters and 7 seamstresses. We would like to grow this facility and its staff in the future as well.